Welcome to La Casa de Santiago

A place in contact with the Nature


Garden - Hot water 24 hours - rooms with private bathroom

We can reserve and buy local bus and tourist bus tickets to Cabanaconde! and if you want also for the return
Also bus from Chivay to Puno
Taxi transportation from Cabanaconde to Cusco
and transportation to the Cruz del Condor, and to the canyon, Llahuar or Sanjuan, Malata, Tapay.
We have an exclusive luggage storage. Free Colca trek map! with explanation
During the trek you can leave your luggage at our hotel
We have an exclusive luggage storage
We lend you ecological walking sticks (bamboo walking sticks) and when you return from the trek you drop them off at our hotel. These walking sticks are free and reusable and do not damage the path during the trek.
After the trek you can take a hot shower at our hotel.
Reservation of bungalows and home stay for the trek, In Oasis-Sangalle, Llahuar (Llahuar lodge and Virginia, San Juan de chuccho in colibri lodge, Tapay, Fure.
The best coffee in Cabanaconde with an Italian machine!
Enjoy our 270° terrace
Garden with spectacular views with hammocks and loungers

We have an office in the city of Arequipa just 4 blocks from the main square on Jerusalen Street 400 AB-1 (CASA SANTIAGO-PABLO TOUR)
With us you can rent local guides, mules
And don't forget to make your reservation at our restaurant and order our famous trout in passion fruit sauce and our classic alpaca meat lomo saltado. We also offer vegetarian food.

Our hotel is located  in Colca canyon - Cabanaconde , only 15 minutes from condor cross, our hotel has 200 square meters of garden and patio for relaxing - lodge style.
La casa de Santiago is at 5 hours from the city of Arequipa, in the village of Cabanaconde.
It’s an intimate place that fits perfectly into its natural surroundings. La Casa de Santiago has a beautiful garden with views of pre-Incan terraces and the Andean peaks that form the Colca Canyon.
What our guests most love is the sensation of being surrounded by nature.
It’s the perfect place to forget the tiring journey and all your problems.
We recommend sitting in our terrace and simply enjoying the calm.
And for those who like to listen to bird song, simply lying back in our hammocks.
Here, the chirping of birds announces the arrival of morning. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this improves your mood and raises your spirits.
La Casa de Santiago was built to be in harmony with nature. The roof of our main dining room is thatched with straw using techniques practiced for centuries by indigenous Peruvians.
This is an ecological type of roof that provides natural insulation so that when the temperature is high it is cool inside and when it’s cold outside it’s warmer inside.
All the wood used for the roofs is from trees we have planted and harvested, which guarantees that no deforestation has been caused. For every tree we have used, we have planted five.
Recycled wood has been used for the tables and chairs.
All the armchairs are made from synthetic fibre not from animal skins.
The hot water you’ll use comes from solar-heated tanks. 
We are idealists who believe that living in a sustainable way we can help combat climate change.
All the rooms have a private bathroom with hot water, and all have a view of the garden and the mountains.
Important: Our hotel is not in the colca valley , we are located in Colca canyon in the typical village of Cabanaconde-Arequipa-Peru.


It is located 3200 meters above sea level. Just 15 minutes drive from the cross of the condor.

In the village of Cabanaconde are different ways to descend to the Colca Canyon. From here start the different walks to the Oasis, Tapay Pallca valley of volcanoes, Lake Mocurca.(click more info)

And for people who do not want to descend to the Colca Canyon and want to make only short walks can walk the Inca archaeological remains kallimarca, the Tapay viewpoint, the condor's cross, the best viewpoint of the Colca: Achachihua's viewpoint, Cabanaconde the countryside among the pre-Inca terraces (click more info).

If you want to maybe make a different view and walk in the middle of pre-Inca terraces and see local people in their daily activities we recommend renting horses, do not worry we will make contact with horse owners, click more info.

For people who like to enjoy nature with physical activity have the option of a ride with bicycles, to the cross of the condor, the countryside of Cabanaconde by pre-Inca terraces, and for the more adventurous a landing on a bike from Cabanaconde 3300m. To the bottom of the Colca canyon 2000m accompanied by a 4x4, or maybe cycling down from Lake Mocurca 4700 m. to the bottom of the Colca canyon 2000m accompanied by a 4x4.. (Click mas info).

Getting to Cabanaconde (click more info)