Horseback Tours

Recomendaciones e Indicaciones

Horseback Tours

Recommendations and instructions

It’s important to note that when you rent a horse we just put you in contact with the owner of the horse. We are not responsible for any accidents that occur as a result of this activity. The horse owners do not have any kind of insurance. You must have appropriate travel and accident insurance.


  • Horse riding equipment (ropes, saddle, reins)
  • Horse riding helmet
  • If you rent a horse for more than one day, the price includes food for the horse
  • Guide
  • Horse for the guide

Tour options:

Nearby countryside and lookout points (4 hours)
Wider countryside and lookout points (5 hours)
Murcurca Lagoon (3 days)
Cabanaconde – Mucurca Lagoon – Huambo (5 days)

Basic horse trekking is for a maximum of 4 hours per day.
The basic horse trekking circuits are very accesible and flat, near to Cabanaconde.
When you go on longer, multiple-day expeditions (far from Cabanaconde) the cost of renting horses is higher, since the animals have to make more effort and the logistics are more complicated. 
For example: in expeditions of 2 to 7 days we also have to include horses that carry the camping equipment, food, and personal baggage.
The horses and/or mules that go on multiple day expeditions are different: they are strong and therefore are more expensive.
Please request horses at least a day or two in advance.