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Horseback riding Tours colca canyon Cabanaconde


Of all the towns in the Colca Valley, Cabanaconde has the best geography to practice this horseback riding . The Cabanaconde countryside is extensive and flat with very good wide paths in the middle of cultivation terraces and with many natural viewpoints.

The horses are equipped with ropes, saddle, reins, fittings. We verify that the horses have fittings. The horse guides, guide with their own horse. The guide makes a previous evaluation and the experience you have, according to that the guide teaches you or reinforces what you already know. Within our tours a safety helmet is always included. Within our tours we pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at your hotel.

We offer you the following options:

Ride in the middle of the terraces, with wonderful views of the Andes mountain range. And you will also be able to observe the local people in their typical activities. We visit the great viewpoint of Achachihua which is the best viewpoint to see the Colca canyon, the towns suspended in the canyon, the Huaruro waterfall, and the flight of the Condor. This route is for all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. The path is Flat only with small ups and downs. The path is wide. It is ridden at a height of 3300 meters above sea level.

Includes: Guide with horse / Horses for clients / riding equipment, such as saddle and reins / helmets / we will pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at your hotel.


First day.-We ride from Cabanaconde 3300msnm we cross the pre-Inca terraces heading south, this first part take 30 min. and it is flat. In the second part we climb 2-3 hours along a pre-Inca trail until we reach 4300 meters above sea level with beautiful views of the Andes mountain range, the Colca canyon in the distance, we also appreciate the volcanic mountain range, the Volcano hualcahualca, the Sabancaya volcano, the nevado Ampato where the Juanita mummy was discovered. The third part is flat with a bit of descent until we reach the Mocurca lagoon located at 4200 meters above sea level. This is a privileged place, there are no tourists, it is a lagoon not visited by classic tourists. In this lagoon we can observe many flamingos, Andean birds, flora and fauna, such as the Andean fox, llamas, Alpacas and some vicuñas. We will camp next to the lagoon and enjoy the beautiful sunset and the magical sunrise.

Horseback Hours.- Between 5-6 hours

Second day.-After enjoying breakfast we return to Cabanaconde by another path road, The first part is flat and only a little uphill for 1 hour until we reach the main road that goes to Cabanaconde. The second part we continue on the paved road until we reach Piracha Pampa 3700msnm for 2 hours. And the third part we continue on the paved road for 3 hours until we reach Cabanaconde 3300msnm. In the second and third part it is a paved road but cars only pass once every 2 hours.
Horseback Hours. - Between 6-7 hours
Includes: Guide with horse / Horses for clients / Camping equipment such as tents, mats, chairs, tables, kitchen and others, food 2 box lunch and a hot breakfast and a hot dinner, mules that carry personal things of the client (maximum 10 kilos) and also carry the camping equipment.

Does not include.-Any type of insurance / Sleeping bag (you can rent with us) / Snacks / drinks


It is recommended to leave early from Cabanaconde 3300msnm and thus be able to observe the condor´s flights. Until the condor cross it is 3 hours one way and 3 hours back. the ride is along the main road that connects Cabanaconde to the condor cross 3700msnm. The views of the Andes mountain range is impressive and in the distance the Colca canyon. You have to bear in mind that the circulation of cars is not low on this road, we find and pass cars every 5 minutes, it is a paved road.
If you are coming from Chivay, Puno, Cuzco or Arequipa, if you wish you can start this ride at the Cruz del Condor. And if you have very large backpacks or suitcases, you have to tell us to include a mule to carry your luggage or a transport that takes your luggage to Cabanaconde.
We can also do the horseback ride only from Cabanaconde to the Cruz del Condor, we transport your luggage by mule or a transport that takes your luggage to the Cruz del Condor. When the tour ends you can take the local buses or tourist bus from the Cruz del Condor, we help you coordinate with the transports.

.- Sometimes customers write to us and make a question:  if the ride can be done inside the Colca canyon where the 2-3-4 day treks are made. Unfortunately we inform you that it is NOT possible since the geography does not allow it, IT IS A CANYON, where there are climbs and and very steep descents and this raises the level of difficulty too much for the horse or mule and also for the person riding the horse. You can only do horseback riding from the Oasis to Cabanaconde, only going up. This service is taken by people who want to return from the canyon (Oasis) 2200msnm to Cabanaconde 3300msn. These people take this service because they are already tired of walking and it is only available on mules.