Cabanaconde view points & Start Trekking Point

Cabanaconde view points & Start Trekking Point





Is a viewpoint in Cabanaconde-colca canyon , is posible arrive there only by trek , is at 25 minutes trek from Cabanaconde , take the Street in from of the church of Cabanaconde , follow the direction of the hostal valle del Fuego and La Casa de Santiago.
And the end of La Casa de Santiago follow the direction and after 200 m. turn right and follow the path this path is on the north direction ( in direction of the andes range)
From there people trek directly to the Oasis of Sangalle.
But if our explanation is not enough don`t worry enter to the garden of la Casa de Santiago and from there you can see the start  of the trek and the beginning of the path to descent to the botton of the colca canyon ( Oasis) Here Mr Aquilino or Madame Katty with pleasure will explain you.



This is the oficial path to trek into the canyon in direction to Sanjuan de chuccho village –Oasis.
Normally people take this path once they like to trek 6 hours to the Oasis crossing San Juan de Chuccho village.
You need to trek from Cabanaconde 20 minutes, from this viewpoint you can see San Juan de chuccho village, tapay village , and if you trek 5 min. you can find the Umahuasi viewpoint , from there you can see the Oasis aswell.

Mirador de Achachihua. 3300 mhsl
Start trekking point to Llahuar-Llatica Village-Fure village-huaruro waterfall

This is the best view point for Colca canyon  more interesting compared to condor cross because here there are not so much tourist compared to the condor cross and Tapay view point  also you can see condor`s , from this view point you can see the canyon the Oasis the Huaruro waterfall.
Near from this view point is la Muralla de Achachihua this is an archeological remain from Wari culture : La  trinchera de Achachihua.
This is an excellent view point to see the Non classic trek of Colca canyon.

This Mirador is very important if you are planning to hike the trek to Llahuar or Fureso it is recommended to recognize it before the hike.

It is only 15 minutes by trek  from Cabanaconde. From Plaza de Armas of Cabanaconde , we recomend you arrive to the corner of the Valle del fuego hostel and take the Street that descent to south - west

you can ask to locals for some directions, ask where the bullring ( El acho) or Achachiwa is. Go westand find the bullring arena,(El acho) this is just a small arena and its walls are painted in red. Surround the arena to the left, coming from Cabanaconde, and you will see a trail to the right that will take you to an abandoned football field, pass behind the football field and follow the path for 5 minutes. The viewpoint is a little hut with a straw roof.

Ask from our accommodation if you like to camp there we have a property  in Achachihua view point.

We are the only hotel in Cabanaconde that have a camping side .

Kallimarka  3730 mhsl 
Kallimarka is an small mountain on the east from Cabanaconde this place is an archeological Inca remain. Actually is not restored. 
We recommend trek from Cabanaconde , from the you the top of kallimarka you can have a great view of Cabanaconde valley with plenty of pre inca terracies, the andes range , this the south part and to the east part you can see the hualca hualca Volcano.

Kallimarka ruins is on the hill of the same name which it lies East of Cabanaconde. This abandoned ruins belonged the Cabanas culture. It was an important settlement for its strategic location. The ruins of Kallimarka are very abandoned, but it offers a great view of the pre-inca terracesand the snowcapped mountain of Hualca-Hualca volcano(6,025 meters). We recommend you to hike this short walk if you are in Cabanaconde.

Remember we offer a mulebackride to explore this part of Cabanaconde

Directions if you plan to trek

You can get more information at La casa de Santiago. Go East of Cabanaconde and ask local people the route to HUAMBO. Follow the route till you find a placard that it says "Kallimarka". Take the trail to the left of the placard and hike till you get again to a route. You will find 2 other placards, find the old one made of wood and follow the path which is all the way up to the ruins.The walk takes about 5 hours round trip.