Tours & Treks

Inside the Colca Canyon

Tours & Treks in the Colca Canyon

Trek routes middle to upper level


Trekking 1 Day
Cabanaconde-Oasis: 2 ½ - 3 hours downhill
Oasis-Cabanaconde 3 – 3 ½ hours uphill

Trekking 2 days: Cabanaconde-San Juan-Oasis-Cabanaconde

Day 1: Cabanaconde - San Juan de Chuccho – Oasis: 4 hours downhill to San Juan de Chuccho (lunch) and 2 more hours to the Oasis (mix of uphill, downhill and flat). Dinner and the night in the Oasis.

Day 2: Oasis – Cabanaconde: 3 hours trekking uphill.

Trekking 3 days: Cabanaconde-San Juan-Tapay-Oasis-Cabanaconde

Day 1: Cabanaconde - San Juan de Chuccho – Tapay: 4 hours downhill and 2 hours uphill. Dinner and the night in Tapay.
Day 2: Tapay – Coshnirhua – Malata - Oasis 3-4 hours downhill. Dinner and the night in the Oasis.
Day 3: Oasis - Cabanaconde: 3 hours trekking uphill.

The time taken for these treks can vary depending on fitness and experience. Some people will take either more or less time between destinations.

  • If you are convinced that you have the experience and knowledge to do the non-traditional treks in the canyon without a guide, that’s your decision. However, you take full responsibility for any problems that might arise. The only thing we can do is give you all the information you request. We recommend contracting a local guide to do non-traditional routes (see non-traditional routes recommended to do with a guide). We can put you in touch with local guides, but please make a request at least a day beforehand.
  • You can also rent mules, horses and muleteers through our hotel – please make a request at least a day beforehand.
  • When you go trekking in the Colca Canyon we can store your large backpack in our hotel (please don’t leave very valuable items). This is a free and secure service.
  • If you sleep in the canyon and trek back up to Cabanaconde very early and you need to catch your bus to Arequipa and would like to have a shower before travelling, you can do so in our hotel (there is a charge).
  • If you don’t like seeing a lot of other tourists, we recommend that instead of going to the Cruz del Condor you go the natural lookout point of Achachihua. This is located just 15 minutes walk from our hotel. In this natural spot you can also see condors and there are spectacular views of the canyon, including the Oasis, pre-Incan terraces, and, in the distance, the Huraruo waterfall. We have binoculars which we will happily lend you so you can enjoy the views form Achachihua.
  • If you just want to stay in Cabanaconde and not trek into the canyon there are also plenty of other things to do, including visiting the fields around Cabanaconde to get to know local people and their work. We can give you advice and help you plan your trip from our office in Arequipa.

Organized treks with a guide in the Colca Canyon
Important: when you go trekking with us, if there is an accident we will assist you and help you to get in contact with the nearest hospital or medical service. However, the cost of the tour doesn’t include any insurance. You must have appropriate travel and accident insurance.
We offer a range of options – unusual routes, individualized treks – just let us know how many hours you want to walk. Options include:

  • Trek to the Mucurca lagoon
  • Non-traditional canyon trekking routes including hot springs and waterfalls
  • Combined trekking and biking
  • Combined trekking and horse riding
  • Horse riding only
  • Trek of 5-7 days crossing the Andes to reach Andagua, the Valley of the Volcanoes (maximum altitude 5,200 metres)
  • Trek from Tapay to Madrigal (maximum altitude 5,200 metres)
  • Trek to the deepest part of the canyon
  • Trekking and horse riding from 2,000 to 4,600 metres of altitude
  • Round trip from Cabanaconde to the deepest part of the canyon to the Mucurca lagoon and back to Cabanaconde