Tour Mocurca Lake

Mocurca lake tour

The Mucurca Lagoon
This tour provides an excellent opportunity to observe Andean wildlife in Arequipa near Cabanaconde village. The Mucurca lagoon is located at 4,200 metres above sea level. You can see vegetation such as the famous yareta (azórela compacta), ichu (Andean straw grass) and animals including llamas and alpacas, alongside the beautiful lagoon that lies in the shadow of the Ampato volcano where the ‘mummy Juanita’ was discovered in 1995. This is a wild and untouched place seldom visited by tourists.
Duration of the tour: Half day

Tour to the Mocurca Lake

Tour and bird watching for nature lovers outside of the classic tours avoiding the large masses of tourists.
The tour can be organized at the time you want
It is recommended to leave early to see the Sunrise
Or start a little late to watch the sunset
OR SIMPLY, go out at any time you want to enjoy the birds and the beautiful views of the Sabancaya Volcano and the snowy Ampato.
This lagoon is the largest in the Colca valley with a height of 4200 meters above sea level, it is located at the foot of the snowy Ampato where the Juanita mummy was discovered.
The route between Cabanaconde and the Mocurca lagoon is 80% completely paved.
To get to this lagoon we drive south, following the national road towards the town of Huambo.
In the first part of the tour it is a flat road, and on the right you will see the entire Cabanaconde countryside with its pre-Inca terraces.
Then there will be a few uphill curves until you reach an almost flat part again. The road passes through the middle of cultivated fields this place is called Piracha Pampa.
Here is a private farm from where we can see a condor's nest in the distance, it is a well-kept secret and if you agree to respect nature we can indicate its location.
This property belongs to the Hotel Casa Santiago, we know the approximate time to see the flight of the condor and if we are lucky we can see how it leaves or enters its nests.

Then we continue with transportation to the Mocurca lagoon.
In most of the year you can see flamingos and other birds. This is a typical panorama of the Andes in Peru, without people just nature for you.

It includes:


-Driver who knows the area and the best viewpoints

If you wish, you can return by bicycle from 4000 masl to 3300 masl. (not included in the price of the tour)