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Countryside visits (experiential tourism)

Our clients consider this tour to be one of the most interesting.

It involves visiting the countryside around Cabanaconde with a local guide (6-8 hours) to get to know local people and their work in the fields. 

The experience begins when you are picked up from your hotel by the local guide after breakfast. You will visit the fields around Cabanaconde and accompany the local people in their daily activities. The local people and guide can also tell you an amazing range of things about local customs, history and other details such as the properties of medicinal plants. Depending on the season you can observe and participate in the following activities:

January-April: harvesting of green maize (choclo)

May: main maize (corn) harvest

June-July: irrigation, natural fertilization and preparation of the soil for planting

August-September: the main planting season, with many ceremonies and festivities

October-December: various activities to help the new maize plants grow

This is one of the best ways to discover and understand daily life in Peru.

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