Colca Biking Tours -Colca bike tours

Colca Biking Tours-Colca bike tours

Inside the Colca Canyon and outside the canyon

Important: When you rent bikes or do a cycling tour, we just put you in contact with the owner of the bikes. We are not responsible for any accidents that occur during this activity. The owner of the bikes doesn’t provide any type of insurance. You must have appropriate travel and accident insurance.

Enjoy our colca biking tours , in colca valley, in Colca canyon, combine trek + bike and explore the colca canyon and downhill into the canyon.
Downhill: Cruz del Condor – Cabanaconde – Colca Canyon
This tour is for those who want to do something different, take their time to take potos and to combine adventure with appreciation of nature.
During this trip we’ll see dramatic geographical changes and pass through areas not visited by normal tours, as we drop 1,300 metres in altitude while traveling 38 km. It’s four hours downhill from the Cruz del Condor to the Colca River, from where we continue on the bikes to the settlement of Turuña. From here we walk 5 minutes to some hot springs where we can take a relaxing dip. Then it’s back to Cabanaconde: don’t worry! We head back in the truck, and the bikes will go on the roof.
This tour consists of two parts: the first part is from the Cruz del Condor to Cabanaconde on an asphalt highway with incredible views of pre-Incan terraces and the snowy peaks of the Andes.
The second part is from Cabanaconde to the Colca River, dropping into the Colca Canyon along 24 km of dirt road. 
The tour starts in the village of Cabanaconde. After breakfast we load the bikes onto the 4WD and head up hill to the Cruz del Condor.
After seeing the condors, we ride the 14 km of asphalt back to Cabanaconde, dropping from 3,700 metres to 3,300 metres and appreciating the spectacular views of the Andes and the Colca Canyon. During this part there is a stretch of 15-25 minutes uphill, while the rest is flat or downhill. If you don’t feel like riding this part you can do it in the 4WD.
The second part of the tour is from Cabanaconde to the Colca River, 24 km of dirt road which drops takes us form 3,300 metres to 2,000 metres of altitude. 
As we head out of Cabanaconde we can observe pre-Incan terraces where maize (corn) is usually grown, while in the distance rise the snowy peaks of the Andes that form the Colca Canyon. From Cabanconde to a place called Auqui it’s flat with a few slight rises. From there, it’s all downhill to the Colca River at 2,000 metres above sea level. We continue on the bikes to a place called Turuña, where we can relax in the nearby hot springs.
We then head back to Cabanaconde with the bikes lashed to the roof, while we sit back in the 4WD.
We return to Cabanaconde around 4:00 pm.

-4WD (which will be behind you all the time)
-safety equipment (helments, elbow and knee pads)
-box lunch

3-day mountain bike tour from the high Andes (Mucurca lagoon at 4,600 metres) to the bottom of the Colca Canyon (2,000 metres). A descent of 2,600 metres.
Day 1: After breakfast we get in the 4WD and drive two hours uphill to the Mucurca Lagoon, at 4,600 metres. Here we explore the surroundings of the lagoon, including the Condori pampa, where thousands of flamingos and other migratory birds can be seen during the months of February to September. Beyond the lagoon is the famous and imposing peak of Vevado Ampato (6,318 metres), where the ‘mummy Juanita’ was discovered in 1995. You can also see the peaks of Hualca Hualca (traditional provider of water to Cabanaconde and revered as a deity by the local culture) and the volcano Sabancay, which erupted in 1992. This is an untouched place in the middle of spectacular surroundings, not visited by traditional tours and much closer with better views of the volcanoes than in Patapampa (‘Mirador de los Volcanes’), the stopping point of regular Colca tours.
From here we head downhill on the bikes to the bottom of the Colca Canyon at 2,000 metres, a descent of 2,600 metres in just a few hours. When we arrive at the Colca River where we leave the bikes and walk for 10 minutes to some fantastic hot springs where we can relax and recover from the ride.
Total time on the bike is 6-7 hours.
We then head back to Cabanaconde in the 4WD.
The tour leaves at 7:00 am and returns to Cabanaconde at 5:00 pm.
Remember that the 4Wd will accompany you at all times and if you get tired you can climb aboard.
-4WD (which will be behind you all the time)
-safety equipment (helments, elbow and knee pads)
-box lunch

Combined cycling/trekking in the Colca Canyon (2 days / 1 night)
First day:
This is a descent of 1,200 metres into the depths of the Colca Canyon. The bikes descend down a broad dirt road. This is not technical but you need to be able to ride a bike confidently. During the descent there are some bends that create a moderate grade of difficulty. We use a new road that heads down to the Colca River (it’s the same road the cars and trucks go down). Speeds can rise to up to 35 km/h during the descent. Our 4WD will always be behind you and if you don’t want to continue at any stage you can get on board. Our trekking packs will be taken in the 4WD to the start of the trekking stage.

After reaching the Colca River (3 hours) we leave the bikes, which will be taken back to Cabanaconde in the 4WD, and begin the trekking section. We will walk approximately 5-6 hours, covering both traditional and non-traditional trekking routes. We walk from Llahuar to the village of Malata, where we have lunch, then continue down to the Oasis, where we have dinner and spend the night.
What are the interesting aspects of Malata village?
-it’s a traditional village
-there’s an interesting local museum
-the owner of the museum has a small restaurant where we can have lunch
-the owner always explains some interesting things about her culture
-it’s a good opportunity to learn something of local culture
-our visit helps the local economy

Second day:
At 4:00 am we begin our trek back up to Cabanaconde at 3,300 metres altitude. We start early to avoid the heat of the day (trekking 1,000 metres uphill is much easier and more pleasant in the cool of the morning). The trek takes approximately 3 hours and we arrive back in Cabanaconde between 7:00-8:00 am.  After breakfast you can head back to Arequipa.

-4WD for the downhill stretch
-bikes for the group members
-safety equipment (helments, elbow and knee pads)
-a night in the Oasis
-all food during the trek

Not included:
-drinks (you can buy wáter and other drinks every 5 hours during the trek)
-personal expenses

When you rent bikes, you have the following options:
Cabanaconde - Cruz del Condor- Cabanaconde
Cabanaconde – countryside (closer to village) - Cabanaconde
Cabanaconde – countryside (further from village) - Cabanaconde
 Bike hire includes:
-safety equipment (helmets, knee and elbow pads)
Bike hire for a full or half day is the same price.
Price per bike:
If you would like to be accompanied by a guide, the guide will go with his own bike.
Price for guide with bike (máximum 5 hours):