Colca Biking Tours -Colca bike tours

Colca Biking Tours-Colca bike tours

Inside the Colca Canyon and outside the canyon


Enjoy our colca biking tours , in colca valley, in Colca canyon,trek + bike and explore the colca canyon and downhill into the canyon.

Cabanaconde is one of the best places to practice biking and downhill.
The geography we have makes it a paradise for cycling lovers.
The Colca canyon as a geological formation begins in Cabanaconde.
Officially Cabanaconde is the gateway to adventure, to peace, and also to nature.
The  classic towns are located in the Colca Valley and NOT in the Colca Canyon.
The towns of Chivay, Yanque and Coporaque are in the Colca Valley and NOT in the Colca Canyon.
Depending on your skill and experience we have the following options:

Cabanaconde countryside bike tour
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1-2-3 hours
Visit the Cabanaconde countryside, and explore the pre-Inca terraces, in the middle of nature, observing the activities of the local people.
The duration depends on the experience of each person.
For this option no transportation is needed, just rent the bike from our hotel and bring it back to our hotel.

Condor Cross Bike Tour
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 3 hours
Easy option from the cross of the condor 3700 mhsl to Cabanaconde 3287 mhsl.
Duration only on the bike is 1-2 hours, and on the way you can also visit the museum of the Juanita mummy that is located in Pampa San Miguel.
For this option transportation is needed.
Transport and bicycles can be rented from our hotel.
But if you have experience  you can cycle all the way. (From Cabanaconde to Cabanaconde).
Cabanaconde is located at 3,287 meters and Cruz del Condor is 3700 meter.
The visit can be done in the mornings to go to see the Tapay Viewpoint and the flight of the condor on the condor cross.
If you want, you can do it in the afternoon when there are no tourists and if you are lucky you can see condors when they return to their nests. You can also enjoy the sunset.

Geyser el infiernillo + Cruz del condor
Difficulty: Medium +
Duration: All day
To do this circuit by bicycle you need to have basic cycling experience
We load the bicycles in the transport and we leave from Cabanaconde 3287mhsl at 07:00 am and we drive to the cross of the condor 3700mhsl to see the condor´s flight.
Then we continue in the direction of the Town of Pinchollo 3750mhsl. On the way we can see the Andes mountain range.
Before reaching the town of Pinchollo we take a trail for 1 hour. Until we reach the Geyser El Infiernillo, 4400 mhsl.
Here we descend from the car to be able to do a small 10-minute trek until we approach the geysers and listen to the natural and wild struggle of the hot water that comes out from the depths of the earth causing sounds and vapors.
This natural phenomenon reminds us that we are in a volcanic area.
These Geysers are located at the foot of the sacred mountain WALQAWALQA.
The Hualca Hualca is a water volcano and has a height of 6025 meters above sea level.
The descent has 2 parts:
1.-The first part from the geyser to the asphalt road
Descent from 4400 mhsl to 3700 mhsl. This descent is a trail track where there are not many curves, the descent is progressive, it is not a vertical descent. We will be surrounded by Flora and Fauna all the time, with magnificent views of the Andes. Depending on your experience you can do it in 2 hours.
2.-The second part from the asphalt road to Cabanaconde
From the town of Pinchollo 3750 mhsl to Cabanaconde 3287 mhsl
In this part of the tour you will have the mountain range all the time on the right. Nice views of the canyon until reaching Cabanaconde on a fully paved road.
Transportation will be there at all times to support and assist you. If at some point you no longer want to continue with the bicycle, there is no problem you can get on the car and we load the bikes and complete the tour in transport.
You have the option of doing only the first part or if you are in excellent physical condition you can do both parts.
If you liked the itinerary and don't want to do it by bike, no problem you can only rent the transport + the driver and do small treks on the route.

Downhill  Colca canyon + hot springs
Difficulty: Medium +, You need experience riding a bike on stony and dusty terrain.
Duration: All day
This is the preferred option for our friends, who does not want to enjoy some hot springs after cycling?
It is a descent by bicycle along a trail from 3800 meters to bottom of Colca canyon at 2100 meters. It's just downhill.
Depending on the ability with the bicycle we can do this descent in 2-3-4 hours.
The descent is on a wide road; you will only find about 5 cars during the entire descent. The road is curvy and has great views.
As we descend we can see different colors on the mountain, red, yellow and others.
After the descent we cross the Colca river until we reach the hot springs of 38 degrees Celsius.
The hot springs are right next to the Colca river with a beautiful view of the Colca canyon
We walk for 10 minutes to enjoy the hot springs.
We have lunch and then we go back up with the truck to Cabanaconde.
For this option you do not need to be an expert, but you do have to master the bicycle and have experience on stony surfaces with dust and holes.
To make this descent you need a transport
Transportation will be behind you at all times assisting you.
It can also be done without a bicycle, only by car.

Downhill Mocurca Lake + Colca canyon + hot springs
Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: All day
It is not technically difficult, but because of the time of the descent by bike and the unevenness it's hard.
Mucurca lagoon with flamingos awaits you, pure nature and you feel peace and a lot of energy.
From 4200 mhsl to 2100 mhsl by bicycle, it is the greatest descent in the entire Colca valley and canyon.
There are 2200 m , down  crossing numerous ecological floors, descending from the frigid Puna of 10 degrees Celsius during the day, to the depths of the Colca canyon with 35 degrees of temperature with hot springs inside the canyon next to the Colca river.
This tour has 2 parts
1.-First part, from Mukurka 4200 to 3400 mhsl
 This part of the tour is a descent along an asphalt road from the upper part of the Colca canyon to the pre-Inca terraces of Cabanaconde with very good views of the snowy Ampato, of the Sabancaya volcano. And if we are lucky we can see condor nests in the distance.
2.-Second part, From 3400 to 2100 mhsl
As we descend into   the canyon, we feel a change in temperature until it reaches 35 degrees Celsius.
We go down a wide, dusty road with some holes until we reach the bottom of the canyon and enjoy some hot springs that are next to the 38-degree-temperature river.
If you want, you can do the first part by car and the second by bicycle.
You can also do the whole tour by car
If you bike this option is for people with experience and good physique.

New Tour!
Huambo + Ccanco and the deepest part of the canyon + the spring of the Mamacocha lagoon crossing the Colca canyon.
Difficulty: Easy +
Duration: All day
This is new tour¡ And it is possible thanks to a new road that connects the Colca canyon with the volcanoes valley. With temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius, with a big possibility of eating wild shrimp from the Colca River, places where there are many fruits and many avocados.
We travel by car from Cabanaconde 3287 to the Town of Huambo 3300 meters above sea level by an asphalt road.
Then we descend from 3300mhsl  by a paved road by bicycle to 1800 meters above sea level.
This part of the canyon is very close to the deepest part of the Colca canyon.
Then we continue by car until 1956 mhsl until we reach Ayo village where we can visit the spring of the Mamacocha lagoon where we can see otters.
Then we return to Cabanaconde.
There is also the possibility of doing this route without a bicycle and we add more walks.
And if you do it by bike we can also add some walks.

Bike tour and trek in the Colca Canyon 2 days
Difficulty: Easy +
Duration: 2 days
This tour is interesting, we combine bicycle + trekking
We descend by bicycle to the deepest part of the Colca canyon and spend the night in an Oasis of 35 degrees Celsius temperature, with a swimming pool, surrounded by nature and palm trees.
Currently there is a road that connects Cabanaconde 3300msnm - Llahuar 2100msnm - Malata 2600msnm.
Day 1
The descent by bicycle has 3 parts:
1.-First part, We pick you up from your hotel and load the bicycles into the van until we reach the start of the descent.
We descend by bicycle from 3300 masl to 2100 masl
We descend for 2-3 hours until we reach the Colca river.
For most of the trip it is 35 degrees Celsius.
It is a stony and dusty road.
There are normally no cars on this road.
This road has curves and flats.
In option, in this place we can enjoy the hot springs that are next to the Colca river and then have lunch.
Or we  continue to the Oasis.
2.-Second part, After crossing the bridge we load the bicycles to the transport and get into the truck and go to the Apacheta viewpoint 2600msnm.
3.-Third part, By bikes we go from the Apacheta 2600 viewpoint to the town of Malata 2600 meters above sea level. This part is flat with great views of the canyon.
The transport leaves them here and returns with the bicycles to Cabanaconde.
From here we start the 1 hour trek to Oasis 2100mhsl.
A large pool awaits us at 35 degrees Celsius at the Oasis.
Here we have lunch at 2-3 pm and have a couple of hours to enjoy the pool and some beers.
Dinner and we spend the night in typical bungalows.

Day 2
We left very early to avoid the sun during the climb.
We walk 3-4 hours from the Oasis 2100 masl to Cabanaconde 3287 masl
We arrive at Cabanaconde, breakfast and end of our services.
It includes:
-Safety equipment
-Entrance to the pools
-Night in bungalows
-1 lunch, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast

Does not include
-Accident insurance
-Drinks and snacks

When you rent bikes, you have the following options:
Cabanaconde - Cruz del Condor- Cabanaconde
Cabanaconde – countryside (closer to village) - Cabanaconde
Cabanaconde – countryside (further from village) - Cabanaconde
 Bike hire includes:
-safety equipment (helmets)